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seo dubai » Just blog hopping.
Ituloy angsulong » Merry Xmas
Real Estate Dubai » wanna exchange link?
Brandon Starr » Welcome, Stever!
Stever » Just found your blog today. Will be checking in from time to time. I too am very fond of silver right now. Do the occaisional trade of puts and calls for MSX/USD
Brandon Starr » Thx, Scott.
Scott » Nice move on the ebay calls!
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Brandon Starr » Mostly they want government to stay out of the way of business. Some are more-or-less okay with environmental protections, some aren't.
J f Z » <-- Forgot. Dark Skies link.
J f Z » B, how does the 'investor class' view policy decisions, especially with regard to security/energy?
jr » cool blog
Brandon Starr » I'm thinking of it. Other ideas: selling covered calls, going short w/puts in certain sectors--which I'm already doing a little. It seems a little late to go short, though.
Scott Young » I too, hit the negative mark year to date, but I hit it a couple days ago. This is completely brutal. Are you thinking of going to cash?
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Scott. Yeah, even when I'm really sure I'm on the right side of a trend, there can be ugly days or weeks. That's why I don't use margin and prefer long-term options.
Scott Young » It's been real ugly lately. I was up 20% for the year, but like your portfolio, it got trashed recently. Anyhow, I hope you keep up the good work. I enjoy the blogg.
THE Ryan Kroenke » Click on my name for some rocking music.
Brandon Starr » OK. Thanks for filling me in on your new site.
Fred RABEMAN » Sorry, your comments were deleted. Today I was assaulted by an avalanche of spams and in the process of deleting those criminal comments, yours was too deleted. Please feel free to add any comments t
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Janet!
Janet Baker » Brandon, I am proud of you!
Janet Baker,mil » Brandon: I am proud of you!
jefzila »
Brandon Starr » Thanks, you too.
Seige » hi, just dropping by. Hope you have a good day.
Brandon Starr » Thanks. Mostly, I write fast.
Juliet » I absolutely love this place. How you have the time to update so many blogs I'll never understand though!
Brandon Starr » Plus, as I've been saying, we don't save enough--and a great way to help pop the debt bubble in this economy soon AND survive it is to save like mad instead of spend like mad. So do your best to save!
Brandon Starr » Ouch! Well, though I'm not giving advice, maybe it'll inspire you to make your own solid investments.
J f Z » Wow. Great idea for a blog, Brandon. I know I'll read it -- even though I sadly had to scramble my nest egg and eat it in order to survive Bush's first term.
Brandon Starr » If you have any general comments, please feel free to leave them here.